Robótica no Departamento de Engenharia Civil da FCTUC Aula aberta no Departamento de Engenharia Civil, sobre Robótica e Automação (também na Engenharia Civil). Dia 16 de Outubro, pelas 16:00, no […]

Workshop sobre Indústria 4.0 na FCTUC

Durante o Workshop em Indústria 4.0 organizado na Universidade de Coimbra, com a participação da Indústria e da Academia. Esta é uma área estratégica para a UC, bem identificada pela […]

SECOP2019 – Brasília

No SECOP2019, num painel sobre Indústria 4.0, com Luís Filipe Monteiro, Secretário de Estado do Governo Digital (Ministério da Economia) e André Arruda (Governo do Estado de São Paulo, Prodesp). […]

Kassow Cobot and ActiveSpace AGV1 DEMO APP

Engineering is FUN!!! We just tested our mobile manipulator prototype at ActiveSpace Automation headquarters. It’s basically a Kassow Cobot on top of a ActiveSpace AGV1, a Barret Hand and a […]

Ready for action :-)

EMERALD 2019 best paper award in the news.

The award recently received about our work on additive-manufacturing was in the Portuguese News. Check a few of the online news bellow. University of Coimbra Press Release. Newspaper Público. Newspaper […]

EMERALD Best Paper Award 2019: “Is one of the most exceptional pieces of work the team has seen throughout 2018”

Emerald Message: “Congratulations! Your article ‘Advances in robotics for additive/hybrid manufacturing: robot control, speech interface and path planning‘ published in Industrial Robot  has been selected by the editorial team as an […]

Videos section UPDATED

I just updated the videos section of this site. The idea is to report some of the robotic and automation systems we developed for several purposes: scientific projets and demonstrators, […]

Universidade de Verão da Universidade de Coimbra

Começo amanhã a minha participação na Universidade de verão da Universidade de Coimbra: Programa Geral; Program de Engenharia Mecânica. É uma iniciativa muito importante para a universidade, pois pretende mostrar […]

Paper Industry: a big challenge.

Devoloping systems for the paper imdustry is a real challenge. In fact, handling paper for packaging, labeling or wrapping poses all sort of difficulties. The link bellow reports a few […]

25 anos da Siemens Porto (Freixieiro, Maia)

A Siemens Porto (Freixieiro, Maia) comemorou os seus 25 anos no dia 9 de Julho de 2019. Para além disso, inaugurou vários centros de co-criação, em áreas como o i4.0, […]

Robot Programming

Robot programming evolved a lot. It is becoming accessible to non-specialists and that will contribute to the raise of a robotic society, i.e., a society where robots and humans coexiste […]

Systems developed for teaching

We developed many systems, special applications and software dedicated to teaching robotics, automation and control. Those systems were designed and built to enable students to experiment some of the concepts, […]

Concurso de Inovação – EMAF

We organize the EMAF Innovation Contest since 18 years ago. The EMAF (biggest Portuguese industrial exhibition in Mechanical Engineering, Robotics and Machines) intends to reinforce the R & D and […]

Indústria 4.0: Uma ideia estratégica para Coimbra

Este programa foi gravado durante da apresentação do livro “Controlo e Automação Industrial – Indústria 4.0” que se realizou no dia 16 de Maio, na livraria Bertrand (Centro Comercial ALMA […]

Dentistry Systems: dental implant applications

We developed several systems and technologies to be applied to dentistry systems, namely to study dental implants and optimize its placement. This work was fully tested and results are very […]

iTunesU UC Channel: episodes on Industrial Robotics

The following videos are parte of my collection of episodes on Industrial Robotics that were produced by the University of Coimbra to its iTunesU channel.

Glass Industry: systems and applications

We designed several systems for the automobile glass industry, namely to handle, pack, deburr, palletize, quality control, etc. Please follow the link bellow to see some of the systems we […]

iParque: Coimbra Science and Technology Park

I started with this park in the summer of 2007, when the project was basically an idea. Under my administration, we prepared all the projects, obtained the necessary funds and […]

Cutlery Industry: systems and applications

We’ve designed several applications and systems for the cutlery industry, namely during the M.Sc. thesis of Gabriel Afonso done in cooperation with the partner company IVO Cutlery. His outstanding work […]

SPEECH interface app for the KASSOW COBOT

Following the demonstration of a TCP/IP client-server app to command a Kassow Cobot, the following app uses those servers to implement a SPEECH INTERFACE. The demonstration can be seen in […]

Competitividade disruptiva: uma estratégia para o futuro

No dia 27 de Junho estarei na conferência “Competitividade disruptiva: uma estratégia para o futuro“, organizada pelo Portugal Financial Forum com o apoio do Jornal Económico, entre outras entidades (ActivTrades, […]

TCP/IP client-server app for the Kassow Cobot

New generation cobots are getting space in modern industrial applications, namely when humans and machines must operate closely. We are exploring several outstanding machines to be able to design advanced […]

Updates: media files

I just updated the MEDIA section with videos about our efforts in the ceramic industry, glass industry, Cutlery industry, Anoto applications for welding, jnpDrone developments and jnpHAND developments. Check them […]

jnpHand: developments

Check here latest videos about recent efforts on low cost 3D printed robotic hands for biomedical applications. Link: The ~presented videos show/demonstrate some of our efforts to design and […]

90 Segundos de Ciência: 3D Printing :-)

Our 3D printing efforts were highlighted yesterday (our national day – 10 of June) in the 90 seconds of science (90 segundos de ciência) radio program. Read and listen the […]

HoloLens: check our developments in mixed reality

Check here our latest developments using mixed reality for industrial robot programming and path visualization. In the future, programming should be visual and completely accessible to non-specialists in programming and […]

jnpDrone: Engineering is FUN!

Check here some of the projects I’ve done in industry, to work better and be more efficient, to teach, to demonstrate principles and also to have FUN (don’t forget to […]

Fotos: apresentação do livro “Automação e Controlo Industrial” na Bertrand

No passado dia 16 de Maio foi apresentado na Bertrand (Contro Comercial Alma, Coimbra) o meu mais recente livro: “Automação e Controlo Industrial – Indústria 4.0“. A sessão, que contou […]

Additive-Manufacturing Developments

Additive-manufacturing robotic systems, manufacturer independent software and recent developments The following site show our later (public) developments on additive-manufacturing using robots. Other major developments are being carried out, but are […]