I’m please to announce a call for papers for a special issue of the MDPI Robotics Journal dedicated to additive-manufacturing and industrial robots. The issue entitled “Recent Trends and Advances in Industrial Robotics: Application to Additive-Manufacturing” will be edited by J. Norberto Pires (University of Coimbra, Portugal) and Amin S. Azar (SINTEF, Norway).

Call for papers: Additive and hybrid manufacturing are amongst the emerging areas of science and technology that are complementing the recent global trends in order to fully digitalize the manufacturing processes and explore the Internet of things (Industry 4.0 and e-factory concepts). Of the present AM technologies, those dedicated to metals pose several challenges as a result of their high processing temperatures and phase transformation related phenomena. Industry is expanding the capacity to perform AM with metals such as lightweight and valuable materials and alloys. In fact, the world of manufacturing is constantly expecting a disruptive innovation in manufacturing systems that could enable autonomous and cost-effective production of radically new materials. In light of these interests, advancements in robotics equipped with high-end sensors for monitoring and autonomous operations are ultimately required to meet the increasing demand of the industry. This Special Issue aims to bring together papers authored by specialists from academia and industry highlighting the latest developments in additive-/hybrid-manufacturing. Special attention is given to the system issues, namely, robotic setups, software, path planning, CAD interfaces and programming, sensors, and advanced monitoring tools.


  • additive-manufacturing
  • robots for additive-manufacturing
  • industrial robots
  • systems for additive-manufacturing
  • path planning
  • simulation software
  • CAD interfaces
  • sensors for additive-manufacturing
  • artificial intelligence for additive-manufacturing
  • material science informed robotics

Submission site: https://www.mdpi.com/journal/robotics/special_issues/rtairaam

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