Videos showing developments using the Anoto Digital Pen applied to Industrial Robotic Welding. These developments were reported in the following publications:

BOOK: “Welding Robots: Systems Issues and Applications“, Springer-Nature, 2007.

PAPER: Pires, J.N., Godinho, T. Nilsson, K., Haage M., Meyer, C., “Programming industrial robots using advanced input-output devices: test-case example using a CAD package and a digital pen based on the Anoto technology”, In: International Journal of Online Engineering, Volume 3, Number 3, 2007 (DOI:

PAPER: Godinho, T, Pires, JN, “A Autodesk na programação de robôs industriais”, Journal Robótica, nº65, Novembro, 2006.

PAPER: Pires, JN, Veiga, G, Araújo, R, “Programming‐by‐demonstration in the coworker scenario for SMEs”, Emerald Industrial Robot, Vol. 36, Number 1, 2009 (DOI: 10.1108/01439910910924693)

Demo done in the LAB

Demo in Germany – Industrial Exhibition